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The Stem Cell Society, Singapore (SCSS) was registered in January 2008. SCSS is a non-profit organization which seeks to serve the community with a threefold objective; (i) to bring together researchers, clinicians, health professionals, and companies interested in stem cells, (ii) to provide information to lay persons about stem cells and (iii) to provide a focus for all issues connected with stem cells.

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Stem cell-based medicine: where are we headed?

Ground reality on Science, Manufacturing, Patient need and Outcome

Stem cells and its therapeutic derivatives are striving to be a first-in- class medicine. Living cells have now become the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and hold a regular share in the pharmaceutical and biotech innovation and delivery pipelines. Critically ill patients left with nearly no other options are often pinning their last hopes on infusions of these fascinating stem cells. Are these cells and the science behind them capable of delivering the promise? How close are we in realizing the immense potential of stem cells?

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Stem cells: latest developments and potential therapeutics

Stem cells have shown a lot of promise as potential therapeutics in treating a wide variety of disorders. However, significant challenges remain to be overcome before stem cell based therapies are routine in the clinic. This will need the troika of clinicians, researchers and regulators to work together to solve these challenges. Some challenges......

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